Kyle Hall & Omar S bring it

Omar S announces new album, Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself


Omar S has revealed details of his third album, entitled Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself.

The Detroit-based producer should need no introduction; his singularly raw brand of Motor City house and techno has seen him find favour as one o

f the underground’s most revered producers over the past 10 years, while his excellent FXHE imprint has become home to the likes of kindred spirits such as OB Ignitt and Luke


Since his 2007 track “Psychotic Photosynthesis” and subsequent contribution to the Fabric mix canon put him on the radars of many, his own productions an

d his FXHE label have gone from strength to strength, with his 2011 album It Can Be Done 

But Only I Can Do It providing his boldest artistic statement to date, whilst last year’s run of releases made the label a necessary inclusion in our top labels of 2012.

Although there was a period of six years between his debut album Just Ask The Lonely and its follow up, the producer has shared details with us of his third long-player, which is called Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself and is a hefty 14 tracks long. We spoke to the producer via email to ask him a few questions about the album; at the producer’s own request the answers are presented in unadulterated form.

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KMFH, The Boat Party


From his earliest efforts, composed while still a teenager

, Kyle Hall has been widely hailed as a next-generation savior of Detroit dance music. In the years since “Plastik-Ambash,” the crusty 2007 debut single he made with tapes and a Casio k

eyboard, Hall has by and large lived up to this hype. Still, there have been a few detours between then and now. His records, alternatively lush and rugged, have been marked by drastic sh


in fidelity — “Plastik-Ambash” is miles away from the luxe sheen of “Must See” and “Kaychunk.” Additionally, he has partnered with a variety o

f collaborators, namely MGUN, Kero, and Funkineven, each of whom seems to have imparted 

something foreign on his sound. At this juncture, Hall is known more for his proficiency than any particular signature, other than perhaps dextrous drum programming.

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